Sunday, May 20, 2012


I am heading into further transitions, which means I am letting you be part of it all... sort of... some of my inspirational posts will be handled over here Peaks of Inspiration! While the more practical ones with some insight will be happening here!

What you can expect is to hear about in parts is me transition from my brick and mortar store that I worked full time for the last year... heading into a part-time position as a therapist (my second and/or first job choice). You will probably see more creative works happening as that will be my counter balance to my professional position.

At some point my boys and I will be moving. I separated from my boyfriend in November (and were were together for awhile!) and we are now working on our relationship and are back together. He's been my backbone.. ya know the support ya need when things are just a tad-bit challenging? Yea that's him! So we are moving back in together - just waiting to see where... there is a place on the horizon but not definite yet... if it is "the" house then you will hear about additions being built.. workshop (for him) and a studio (for me)!! That should give me a year worth of blog posts!

So between our cooking adventures - creating and life... I should totally be able to feed this space here huh?

Well I am off - my future daughter-in-law is graduating today and we are going to help celebrate!

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