Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vegetables :)

At the moment, I live in a small apartment - small meaning 3 bedrooms - kitchen - living room and bathroom. I have a front porch and a back porch.. big enough for me and 2 children.

I LOVE growing my own vegetables.. I don't care to raise my meat.. but vegetables.. yes that I can do. I know that there are NO chemicals on my vegetables and that's important on so many levels.

 I always loved growing my own vegetables and this year I am doing it in containers... well because my yard isn't really a yard... it is a patch of green with a tree in the middle - right next to the street.

So containers it is. One of the things I love growing my own food - no chemicals for me... no chemicals for my kids.. and my kids get to watch - observe and participate.

 I need to transplant some of these because the container's I have - you know the clementine crates - are not going to be the correct container.. but starting out your seeds etc I think they are perfect.. and they will probably work for some vegetables... like the beans.. but they are not really working for the watermelon, kohlrabi or radishes.
 But I absolutely love the idea of container gardening when one lives in an apartment and does not have the room - space or ability to garden outside with a garden bed. So this here is a perfect alternative to still grow your own fruits and vegetables rather than buying the ones that *maybe* have pesticide on them... and if you don't like to do this... well there is always the local Farmer's Market - and yes we believe in buying local and/or handmade/grown .. you get the point right?

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dragonmommie said...

We lived in Brooklyn, NY yet my dad always grew veggies and flowers. The first year he had corn growing out of large crates. We had peppers, cucumbers, string beans, eggplant, green/yellow squash... everything. One year, he had a couple watermellon plants growing out of an old refrigerator bin drawer on top of the picnic table. The vine grew out of there and the fruit laid out on top of the table's benches. It was amazing to me that we were watering the plant in the box and the fruit was in a totally different place...

Petra Monaco said...

Oh I love that!!!