Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Cooking Adventure

I love to cook - I grew up cooking first helping in the kitchen in my foster family and then on the weekends needing to feed 8 other foster kids in the group home. I am a fan of a variety of food albeit a picky eater - but if I cooked it, I generally eat it!

My boyfriend - he too loves to cook. He is an amazing cook with strong flavors and seasoning. His baking his a-m-a-z-i-n-g .. alas he makes one mean cheesecake and a raspberry pound cake .. oh my mouth is drooling already.

I love watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and so does my youngest. My youngest struggles with food due to his metabolic genetic disorder and liver transplants and it can be difficult to try to get him to eat new food. Watching the show - he can express and let me know what he MIGHT be interested in trying :)

Friday night was Pizza night and man it was delicious. You can see my son was eager to help as Pizza is his current favorite.

Does this not look like the best pizza ever?
My son made his own cheese pizza and we adults made us a Pepperoni Pizza with Onion and half Green Olives. The dough was amazing .. and we were utterly STUFFED afterwards... I am looking forward to our next pizza night.

On Saturday we went on the Diner's, Drive-ins and Dives website to look for a recipe that sounded appealing.  We tend to get tired to cook the same thing over and over - and we sometimes struggle thinking of something new - we've decided to use the show as our inspiration for some great food!

We started with a cucumber salad.
Sour cream, milk and vinegar dressing with onion, salt and pepper.
I could eat this all day long... so yummy.

We then followed the recipe for stuffed bacon cheeseburger - ground beef patties filled with monterey jack and bacon. They were delicious and we only had a little criticism and that's not enough seasoning. In the future we will season the ground beef like we normally would make patties before stuffing them - but overall definitely a will-do-again!

 I like to get away from the fries every now and again and so decided on some Pierogies. We did not make this ourselves but that is on the agenda - I could eat this all day long for breakfast - for lunch - for a snack.. so yummy!                            

Served with a freshly made Strawberry Milkshake