Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why you should use cotton wash cloth!

Every so often a person will ask me why they should use cotton wash cloth and why one would use them for dishes as well.

I love them because they are easy to use - easy to clean!
Cotton Cloth are more absorbent, durable, and dry more quickly (as long as you have them over something to dry)!

The reasons to use for your body, well cotton yarn is soft to the touch but given it the right textured stitch makes the wash cloth an exfoliant and get rid of dead skin!

Are you wondering why you should use it for dishes and pans?

Easy the cotton yarn won't scratch the surface while helping it get all cleaned up!

Worried about germs, mold and other bacteria?

They are easy to throw into the wash for a good cleaning - so now you are not wasting money constantly on new ones... thus making them more eco-friendly!

These sets are my most recent items completed and available! You can get order them to match your bathroom or kitchen colors! So order get the ones ready to ship or order your own set today!

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