Sunday, June 10, 2012

The house from the inside

This is the view from the front door... yea yea I know not much.. but we have a vision.. haha.. we are finishing off the beam... white walls ..and at some point a fake metal tree will be on the wall to the right!
Paintings will hang from the top... the woodstove chimney will go away!!

To the left of the living room... ahh yes wood stove.. not quite a fire place.. but definitely one heck of a way to keep your house warm.. and so pretty too!!!

The loft - which will be the adolescent hangout for my 14 year old son. He's envisioning a purple theme.. I just have to find something that matches the library theme!

The library - as you can see my 8 year old is showing off.. he helped clean out all the carpets and trash.. he did an amazing job!!

This is the space we are envisioning books up to the ceiling.. and yep the ceiling's pretty high up!

Color? Perhaps a blue tone... of sort

My itty bitty office area right under the stairs.. leaving the wood natural if I can help it.. but for sure it will be a cute space to work from!
One of the bedrooms.. this is actually the Master Bedroom but we are handing it off to the little guy just because its at the back of the house.. and not in the front :)
Note: Makes sure windows are secure.. :)
And here's where the Marvel Comic folks will take shape.. seeing Spiderman and his friends "hanging out" with a dark blue background!

The other bedroom for the grown ups!
Another purple theme... maybe.
I love purple favorite color ever.. but I am staying open minded in the color scheme of things :)

I purposely left out the kitchen... its still a horrific mess that I refuse to go into. But once its cleared out before the paint etc I will take a picture for ya.. so you get the feel of before and after!