Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oh some of the changes....

are absolutely beautiful!

One of the things that I have missed is spending quality time with my family. The challenge is that when you run a brick-and-mortar store you are "stuck" in that store a lot of days... a lot of hours. It's nothing like working for someone else... or having the money to hire someone (though that would have been amazing).

Today I will go in and try and sell off some of the remaining items I don't want to pack up and put in storage.. and then we will hit nature - not hit it like physically but you know be out and about in it..

We'll be entering via Swift Run Gap which is just before Big Meadows and where we were just this past week... we haven't decided on a specific trail just just but we'll endeavor on a hike that covers about 3 mile round trip as they are children in tow. 

We'll have a picnic lunch/dinner somewhere with roast beef, salami, ham and cheese. We will have cheese and crackers with salami for snacking - Capri Sun's we bought in abundance when it was on sale.. and lots of water throughout. We will have apples and nectarines for desert! 

So be sure to stay tuned for a follow up blog post which I hope will have hopefully lots of pictures and only a few words! 

Have an awesome Saturday!!