Monday, June 11, 2012

On being an interior designer ...

The fun part about "The House" is that we can design the color scheme however we would like. There's no worries about the lack of ability to paint.. ha.. and I am hoping to have LOTS of fun with this process.

I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest and other search engines looking for inspiration - although the living room has already been decided.. it will have white walls.

Say what?

Yes - I have several painted colored canvas that will hang in the living room - which will give color to the space. Eventually Mr. Handyman will use his artistic skills and create a Metal Tree that kind of resembles this:

My favorite part of the room is going to be the reading room.. and I am investing a lot of thought in that.. I want it to be fun and colorful. I am thinking a blue tone well more like teal or aqua as you can see in the pic with orange accents.. hmmm

The wall in that area is very tall.. tall that we are envisioning books going all the way to the top - you will need a ladder to get to them :) I am thinking about using crates for shelves... but then I saw this:
And this is pretty darn cool too ....hmmm we'll have to give this some thought! 

The Master Bedroom will have the following color scheme:
Blue-Gray walls with blue bedding.. 

Little mans room will have a few comic characters hanging around - or maybe even Star Wars Themed.. or maybe we'll combine the two themes... or maybe we just make it a Lego Themed room 
I hope to be able to combine his favorite things... but I also want to add a Chalk Wall and a Cork Board Wall in a section of his room! I think this will help in hanging his pictures.. and he can be creative :) 

The Kitchen will be in a tone of yellow - and if I can get the cabinets to be white.. then for now I can live with that. Since we will be expanding on the kitchen I am not too concerned with it right now - but I am scoping out future possibilities! 

The loft - adolescent hangout I believe will be in a shade of purple.. but a dark purple. And last but not least an addition to give the other adolescent a space of her own - though the color scheme still hasn't been presented! 

In the mean time the two boys may have to bunk together while adolescent girl is hanging about!

Oh and one of the things I have not mentioned? We have two full size bathrooms right next to each other. One belonging to the Master Bathroom. My vision however is to take those two bathrooms and make it one gigantic bathroom with garden tub, standing shower - double sinks.. ahh yea definitely a future project!