Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our new project

This is "The House" 
 It doesn't look like much.. it needs some work!

The great thing?

Mostly cosmetic minus a rotten board here and there.
 The not so great thing?

We literally have to clean it out before we can do anything with it. The previous tenant had all of his belongings - while trashed - still in there...

So today was spend throwing it out, burning what we could... this was at the beginning... the pile got bigger!

The stairs that will be replaced... this home is getting a wrap around deck... ahh yes.. deck parties ya'll!!! Eventually we are envisioning a pool especially since my youngest for health reason can't enjoy lakes, rivers and oceans!

The back of the house... where we will add an addition to have 2 more rooms and extend the tiny tiny kitchen that's there now.. porch will be gone.. and the doors..we don't know yet!

This is where my new deck will go... but much prettier.. the guys already ripped it up today checking out the boards and such!

This is the great thing about having a handyman in your life!

The deck will be one of the first things that us being added... I need steps to get into the house :)

Tomorrow stay tuned for pictures from the inside... and follow the transition from this.. to what we envision it to be!

Our own little homestead!


Angelina Garcia said...

I think putting a wrap-around deck in place of the stairs would make a drastic transformation for the house. It kind of looks a bit crowded with all those trees around. Removing the stairs would create some breathing space for it.

Angelina ^.^