Monday, June 4, 2012

Pyrography - where it started

Years ago when I first stared Hippie's Creations I ventured into the art of Macrame. I haven't created macrame in some time but do have plans in the future to do so.. anyway... when I was cranking out one choker after the other I wanted to design my own beads.. wood beads to be exact and bought my first wood burner from Michaels, I think.

I was never able to draw well but I became fascinated with this new thing that I had never heard about before.. and I started to create wood burning pieces.. one of my first creations was this eagle

Considering that I didn't have much knowledge or practice.. I sold 3 that year.. then I did a portrait.. not my best work.. but it motivated me to improve .. and I think I succeeded 

I received a few commissions over the years such as these


But one of my most favorite pieces I have ever done is this Falcon from a picture I took 
I donated it to the Wildlife Center some time ago... 

I am excited to work on a commission piece - I won't quite reveal quite yet what it is but it certainly has me inspired to "burn" more in the future.. 

To see more of my work you can go to my collection set on Flickr: