Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weird Wednesday

I like the weird - the odd - the "omg what were you thinking?" But even I find myself to have some limits..

I love crochet designs from back in the day - old things become new but I find this a bit much and don't think I would want to revamp this - its like yarn bombing a person?

I like the shirt... but the pants? Perhaps in a simple solid color! 

Every time I see this picture... I giggle a little because I know 30+ years ago - this was totally in.. right?

And then there is this.. I love people and their creativity. I love color and self-expression - but I cannot wrap my mind around this one... I am trying... its not working.. 

And I have certainly crochet some weird things in my 20+ years like this weird ninja turtle hat my son was bugging me for .. yea no pictures :)

this is it for today's Weird Wednesday episode 
now back to your regular program!