Friday, June 8, 2012

White Owl Designs - Featured Artist

I strongly believe in the innate power and romance of objecthood. Everything I create has love and intention painted into it. 

Is that not the best way to describe and Artists love and passion for their craft?
Reading the Bio of White Owl Designs who began painting at the young age of 14 it helped define her own style - and what an amazing support system she must have had to help her flourish within her craft.

White Owl Designs specializes in "handmade beads, jewelry, and original art" and when you go visit her shop on Artfire you will truly find OOAK's and so much more. I am thoroughly impressed with the quill painting and enlightened to learn about this technique - though not my style I LOVE what she does.

Because it is exceptionally unique! 

Long BRAIDED AMETHYST Unique Handmade, Hand Painted, Medicine Wheel Necklace and Earring Set


Don't these pictures just speak volume about the craftsman ship and the person behind them? I thought so too! So please take a looksy at her Artfire Shop because I think you too will fall in love with the work.. I am  already creating a shopping list for future designs :) 


Karen said...

Great article on this fine artist. Love your work too. I'm glad to know about your blog.

Judy Cogo Designs said...

Love your article on this awesome artist/artisan. I agree, her shop is on my wish list.

Makin The Best Of it said...

Love her work and can't imagine the time and focus it takes to paint so much detail onto such tiny pieces! Beautiful

Laura said...

I truly love amethyst and you can certainly appreciate someone's work even if it's not your "style".

We all have different taste and hoping sharing different things will draw more readers to your blog.

CharmingElegance said...

What a nice blog you've written about White Owl Designs. I smiled when I saw you featured her Pink/White Skull earrings. I used that same example in my's too cute! I especially like your selection of photos demonstrating White Owls diverse creativity. Bravo.