Sunday, July 8, 2012

Seasonal Notes Sunday

Summer time can be a quest for crochet folks! And who would have thought that people still create bikini's and the like. This isn't just a thing of the 70's.

It wasn't too long ago I received a comment from a lady who thought crochet was out of style. Her comment perplexed me a little: " I didn't think people still crochet!"

Say what?
LOTS of people crochet - we have our own little underground... no wait its above ground.. we are not that hard to find!

Anyway, I do have a bikini on my list of things - I've been sketching out some designs of clothing - now to find time and less heat to work!

Some other samples of summer crochet :) 

Don't these flip flops look fun? 

I love this tunic - 

And I love this... Bandana-Kerchief type