Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Little Chibi Critters everywhere

I recently came across a pattern over at nerdgurumi, and I am in love!!! 
It has been a blast creating these little critters and I have more in my head but need to find the time to create. Sometimes work just gets in the way ;)
Here is the bunny in pink - just imagine all the different colors this one could come in ...he's cute and small and measures just about 4 inches (not including the ears).

And then there is this guy - just a blue little dude. I don't know that he would look this good in another color - but I will certainly give it a try here in the next few days. He just looks fresh and fun!
This little guy with his big eyes is curious about the world. He just loves to see what's out there and wants to explore.
This little alien landed on our planet to make new friends. Know anyone that would like to be his friend?

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SewKlassic said...

Oh, your little Chibi creations are adorable.:-)