Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finding my rhythm

So yea I've been once again slacking in the blogging department. I really want to share my world with you but sometimes my world gets so demanding that I either forget or am too tired to formulate a coherent thought. So I am going to try something new and see how it goes..but no promises :) I hope you understand aye?

 One of the reasons I am terribly tired lately is our new family member. Isn't he just the freaking cutest thing ever? He's a Beagle-Giant Schnauzer Mix with the name of Sgt. Pepper (or Sarge). I do love this face but boy did I forget how much work those little adorable puppies are BUT he is helping me get back on track with running and exercising and I am totally ok with that!
And when I am not playing mommy to Sgt Pepper - I am mommy to other human children that need help with homework - or reviewing the JRTOC steps just learn. There's dinner to be cooked and orders to crochet. A house to clean and coffee to drink. I am also helping my best friend get her children off to school in the mornings as she is heading into work - a school bus driver - something I couldn't do.. but then is that any different from my job - ya know me the in-home therapist? Both us throwing ourselves into the midst of children's lives.

So in all this craziness I am trying to find my rhythm and some days are better than others and most days I am not getting done the things I want to get done - ugh! And while I can stick to my work schedule I struggle to stick to another schedule at home. I don't know if pre-writing and scheduling posts will help me ... sigh

Well there is housework, coffee drinking and crocheting to be done - perhaps not in this order but needing to be done nonetheless :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I feel like I am cheating ...

ahh so my first love is and always has been crochet. I have done this since oh my eldest was still in-uterus (he's 20 now). Over the years I have experimented and tried and crafted... and love anything that allows my creativity to flow - but I always keep coming back to crocheting. I do believe however that experimenting and exploring is a must (for all) - even for the ones that say they don't have talent. It's not always about talent but about the creating process itself.. and just because you cannot draw does not mean you can't be good at something else... right? RIGHT!

So we went to Barnes & Nobles not too long ago to exchange a book my love bought me and I already had. I came across "Stray Sock sewing, too" and "Sockology" and I have been going nuts with them. I have bought more books as well since then.. and just love love love the concept of sock critters.. but also the notion to combine socks and crochet.. or use the patterns to guide my crochet work instead of socks.. I have lots of yarn.. not enough socks :)

Anyway I am having lots of fun creating the critters but needed to take a break to fulfill some orders.. I have in the last week created a rat hat, shipped of a horseshoe flower that my other half created and am in the process of crocheting his & hers slippers hopefully to ship out tomorrow or Saturday - and then its back to sock critters - maybe - I do have an event coming up in October and should review what I want to take with me!
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Monkey Business

Friday, September 21, 2012

The New Homestead

So we have been living in the new digs since August 1st officially... we barely got all the paint on the walls and make-shift kitchen in and well a functioning bathroom... in just over a week I will be celebrating a birthday (mine) and our house warming.. and we are not quite ready.. so this weekend it will be busting a groove or two to get it all together.. in other words.. empty the storage with the remainder of the furniture and try to get rid of all the boxes that are still remaining stacked in the house!

The room that was the first to take on its shape was the library!

We are using dresser drawers for shelving!!! I just love this idea because well it just seems to make sense to me :) and there is enough room for knick knacks and paintings! 

And above one of our sliding glass doors (we have two) we used crates that I had painted in the past. The space between the grates on the bottom row will be home to some paintings.

Here's one more view of the long tall wall - the shelve above the trim used to be one piece... :) cut it in half and its wide enough for all the paperback books of his! This is so far my favorite space.. its also my office/workspace for the moment.. after this weekend I should be able to share more pictures of the house and how its all coming together quite nicely.. and then.. well then it will be time to take the outside ;)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shades of Pink from the IBH guild