Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finding my rhythm

So yea I've been once again slacking in the blogging department. I really want to share my world with you but sometimes my world gets so demanding that I either forget or am too tired to formulate a coherent thought. So I am going to try something new and see how it goes..but no promises :) I hope you understand aye?

 One of the reasons I am terribly tired lately is our new family member. Isn't he just the freaking cutest thing ever? He's a Beagle-Giant Schnauzer Mix with the name of Sgt. Pepper (or Sarge). I do love this face but boy did I forget how much work those little adorable puppies are BUT he is helping me get back on track with running and exercising and I am totally ok with that!
And when I am not playing mommy to Sgt Pepper - I am mommy to other human children that need help with homework - or reviewing the JRTOC steps just learn. There's dinner to be cooked and orders to crochet. A house to clean and coffee to drink. I am also helping my best friend get her children off to school in the mornings as she is heading into work - a school bus driver - something I couldn't do.. but then is that any different from my job - ya know me the in-home therapist? Both us throwing ourselves into the midst of children's lives.

So in all this craziness I am trying to find my rhythm and some days are better than others and most days I am not getting done the things I want to get done - ugh! And while I can stick to my work schedule I struggle to stick to another schedule at home. I don't know if pre-writing and scheduling posts will help me ... sigh

Well there is housework, coffee drinking and crocheting to be done - perhaps not in this order but needing to be done nonetheless :)


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He is too freaking cute, is right.

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