Friday, September 21, 2012

The New Homestead

So we have been living in the new digs since August 1st officially... we barely got all the paint on the walls and make-shift kitchen in and well a functioning bathroom... in just over a week I will be celebrating a birthday (mine) and our house warming.. and we are not quite ready.. so this weekend it will be busting a groove or two to get it all together.. in other words.. empty the storage with the remainder of the furniture and try to get rid of all the boxes that are still remaining stacked in the house!

The room that was the first to take on its shape was the library!

We are using dresser drawers for shelving!!! I just love this idea because well it just seems to make sense to me :) and there is enough room for knick knacks and paintings! 

And above one of our sliding glass doors (we have two) we used crates that I had painted in the past. The space between the grates on the bottom row will be home to some paintings.

Here's one more view of the long tall wall - the shelve above the trim used to be one piece... :) cut it in half and its wide enough for all the paperback books of his! This is so far my favorite space.. its also my office/workspace for the moment.. after this weekend I should be able to share more pictures of the house and how its all coming together quite nicely.. and then.. well then it will be time to take the outside ;)