Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hello, how are you?

Me? Oh, I am fine. I am busy!
With what?
Oh, busy with life (work, kids, family, crochet, wood burning, friends) and not all in this order.
I want to commit more time to write about the doings here, and its not like I lack the topics of our creative fun life - but I often lack the time and if I don't lack the time I kinda sorta lack the motivation because I may just be taking a break from all that stuff called life.

So here I am. A week ago overwhelmed with orders (Star Wars Set, Animal hats, Panda Wood Burning) and I am still working on a thing or two trying to get them done.

This is hopefully what the Somerset Patriots Mascot Sparkee kind of looks like. If nothing else he is definitely one good looking Schnauzer, don't you think? Anyway, I love how he came out!

This is Slider - the other Mascot from the same team. I think I came close on this as well. He's one fun looking critter if you ask me.
This guys made me realize that all the unfinished hat bases - well need to be finished. So I am hoping after I finish a Giraffe Set (Hat, Scarf and Mittens) I will have time to do that.. and all those other unfinished projects.

There's also this guy. I will need to darken a few more areas and then polyurethane it to protect it. I hope the lady that will receive this for a Christmas present will just LOVE this. I hear that she has nothing like this in her Panda collection - so cool right?

Well I am off to work on that Giraffe Set while taking care of the laundry before heading to work later.
Have a fabulous day!